Monday, February 4, 2013

Coolpix Debut

The Canon Powershot went south, in a way I have seen before: the lens gets stuck trying to open (or then close). These cheap little digicams are great and fun but disposable. So I ran up to Office Depot and for fun got one of the cheapest they had, a Nikon Coolpix for eighty bucks. They wanted to sell me the extended warranty for $17 and then I would have to ship tehm the dead camera and get back a coupon for a new camera. No, thanks.

When you got, flaunt it.

Nice framing.

The fish have been hard to photograph, but this looks great.
Maybe the Coolpix handles night shots better.

A top contender in the bird-flight category.

When you see folks sitting right there it is because the wind is blowing from the northeast,
from the other side of that wall.


The waves came out great in this shot.

Easy rider in pink.

Paula the Yankee fan. Her church offers the best meals in Fort Lauderdale according to the crew.

Look, up in the sky! (Closely.)

I would title this "Birds on Mechanized Sand" if I had been lucky enough to take it.

I love the matching shirt on her shoulder. It is one of those fill-in-your-wn-story deals.

OMG. Is that Gwyneth Paltrow? Nah, but still...

Looks like the Coolpix software was trying to turn nightime into day.

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  1. Never know what i might catch in my lens. Just waking up is a blessing and a new begining. Each day brings us somthing different. Being the one taking the picture is different than the one who sees it. Every photo speaks to someone on some level. They say something wether to the soul,spirit,or to the mind. Its what i see when i look at the world. The picture that captures your imagination should make you ask,( what was he seeing,or thinking when he took this. It's your opportunity to let your mind take flight,just let go of the world and see where you can go if you lose yourself in pictures. Breath in deeply and take in the raw beauty of life as i see it.