Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two Weeks in February

Wow. Mitch snapped a few shots of these aging identical twins before nabbing this  stunner.
Two/one lives captured in a single photograph.
Remind me not to fall behind: Mitch can take a lot of shots in two weeks.

I am back to cropping, straightening, and enhancing in iPhoto, which is very handy but buggy. Tsk tsk.

Don't forget, the easiest way to see the pix is to click on one then use the left right arrows to step thru them. The bad news is that for no discernible reason it will skip some of them, and on this particular post it skips two of the best. :(

Here is what Mitch has to say:
I know sometimes what I ask doesn't make sense,but look close at the guy he's just sitting there not a care in the world drinking a bloody mary. The girl in the "busted" pic had me take one of her mad, and let me take one of my own with the same look. Yes once in a while i do get up,but only when the spirit moves me. Like the mote in Gods eye,or a mole on marilyn's face. What i saw was a reminder to keep my beach clean. God gave us a beautiful planet full of life,color, movement,sound and artistry. I see things from a different vantage point than others. I live by faith and believe each moment is a blessing. Every minute is a new page in my book of life. Through pictures you can tap the untouched recesses of the human mind making them see the world differently. When one stops and takes a breath,you notice the real essence of what God designed. Life is what it is you live it or you miss it 

Not sure why I like this one so much, but it is something about the way she is leaning into the world.

Mitch's lady friend/fellow photographer strikes back, an infinite loop of
photographer photographed, observer observed.  It would be fun to get the shot she took here and
add it side-by-side with this, but the recursion like matter and anti-matter colliding might
annihilate the universe. We do not want that.

And people ask me why I never got married.

It's hard to believe she got a better shot than this, but we will see. 

The photo is a technical wreck, their smiles justify the species.

I was dazzled by this and the next and could not understand why until I noticed
the softening overcast distant sky had combined with a stronger light
from the setting sun behind Mitch providing highlights on the subjects.
Old news I am sure to studio photographers, but neat to find it in vitro.

Gorgeous shot.

Nothing wrong with a solid blast of sunlight either. That is Bert, a very cool guy who can actually read
big thick technical books and brings a TV and a battery down to the beach for
 big events so the crew between homes can enjoy the game.

Mitch described this shot to me three times so I know
it is one of his favorites. It was technically weak but Mitch
cannot tell that from the two inch camera display and
he does not care anyway because it is the story that matters.
Especially when we cannot tell what is the story.

At once a pure color essay and a potentially disturbing story: are these people
just possibly over-thinking a day at the beach. And where are they? 

Hey, I know that guy.

"How about here?"

Better than DWI.

The man is a genius. And an engineer. You will walk around his rig and marvel.
I know an affluent guy nailed by the collapse of 2008 who bought a good-sized van with his
last bucks as his safety net and this guy has accomplished the same
with a frickin bicycle. He is my hero. He shows what is possible.

You know how much I hate my day job by how much I love this shot.

Apparently Mitch got off his butt and made it down to the bridge overlooking Port Everglades.

Hey, that's my spot. Great shot.

Can you say "symmetry"? Sher ya can.

No wonder gazelles never see the leopard until it is too late. (Leopards do not wear silver lame purses.)



That's O.G. and Mitch. I shot this from the Elbo Room across the street with
 the telephoto on the Nikon D70s, aka "The Beast" (as compared to the Coolpix.)

I normally would not bother you with a storyless scenic shot, but
this one somehow prevented my fingers from hitting "delete".
There is a perfection to it... ah, I just saw it for the first time, that tiny black
parallelogram to the left, the mote in God's eye, the mole on Marilyn Monroe's cheek.

Those between homes were challenged by a couple of nights in the low forties.
No, we do not expect sympathy from the brethren in New York City.

Let us pray. (They do.)