Saturday, January 26, 2013

One Day In the Life

Well, I doubt it was one day, but these photos are presented in the order they were taken to give a better feel for life in and around The Wall. Got some audio, too, but that won't go up until later.

Nice minimalist shot. Mitch does that sometimes.

The Wall and its denizens

Mitch was concerned about this worker leaning over the railing to clean the glass.
He took this shot so we could see how high up the guy was. I wonder if Mitch has a fear of heights.

This squirrel does not.
Mitch took about six pictures of this bicycle and I share his enthusiasm. That lower white tubing is part of a generator driven by the front wheel, and each of the do-hickeys across the higher white bar is a halogen lamp. Must be a impressive sight coming down the road at night.

Mitch has good success in his quest for the perfect shot of birds in flight. More below, too.

Two classic themes in one: the photographer photographed, and obesity in America.

This is one of Mitch's favorites, a cancer survivor out every day for exercise.

This was fun. A group fresh from a night of partying descended on me when they came up to East Las Olas for breakfast at Spazio's. Lisa gave tai chi a try and liked it so well she did not want to go to breakfast. We chased her off to join her friends, but she was back in fifteen minutes and played the whole hour.

"Talk to me after I have had my coffee."

Nice. My only question is how Mitch got that shot -- it looks like he is flying right behind the bird.

Quite a striking woman, a real beauty in her day I wager.

One more  for Mitch's Wildlife exhibit

I'll have to get the story on this one.

Another one for the Minimalist exhibit

There's a nice shot of Daniel having fun doing his grizzly bear snarl.


I love New York City, but it needs more of this.

Great essay in color and light.

I love the splashes of red while evrything else in the scene manages to be gray.

One of the guys once said to me that he was embarrassed walking into a bar with his knapsack. I was surprised because I do it all the time. I skate to the beach, put my skates in a pack, and go drinking. But this guy assumed everyone knew the backpack meant he was homeless, with all his belongings with him in the pack.
 I look at people with packs differently now.

Prelude to a robbery.
The guy is checking to make sure the drunk is out cold before going through his pockets.
Mitch was not pleased. (I'll add the audio later.)

Two great shots of a man with a great look and a great hat.
I have not had the pleasure yet of making his acquaintance.

That was fifty shots out of an original thirteen hundred or so. I have to get to the beach and see what Mitch has been doing all week.

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  1. In life we meet people of all walks who dwell in worlds of their own creation. Theuy suffer ups and downs. Some cancer some one to many drinks,or bad drugs. All have a talent of some kind life just took an unexpected turn. Somehow some prevail through it all,and come out the other side landing on two feet to face the day.