Sunday, December 23, 2012

The End of the World

These shots were all taken in the week running up to the end of the world. There would have been more but Mitch filled up the 4gb card before I ran into him again to swap cards.

This guy prays every day, Mitch says.

 Mitch took me aside and let me know every picture he took was for a reason, whether it be a particular hat or a blaze of color or whatever. I had suspected as much but was afraid I was imposing my own values on the shots so it helped knowing I could believe what I was seeing.

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  1. As we can see i look at the world as color and movement. Sometimes a hat,expression,an outfit,or maybe a bikini. For me my pictures represent the world through my eyes. They show a vast array of fashions,people,hats and hair colors.each picture tells its own story to the person whose eye it catches. Everyone looks ,but not all see. Life moves from before sunup to after sundown,yet most miss the beauty of the world aruond them. Sesms to be that people spend to much time on the material,and not the spiritual. Thr world is fill of sights, sounds,and colors so vibrant and alive. Wonder how many truly see it