Monday, December 17, 2012

Sun Down Up

Heh-heh, I kept talking about Mitch's pictures of sunsets. He was kind enough not to point out that the sun near an ocean horizon on the east shore of anything is a sunrise, which I figured out just now recalling the five consecutive times I said sundown and he said, No, that's sunrise.

We have one sundown, anyway.

Mitch could not figure out the red dots, or the green sky. I am thinking "mother ship" and "scout craft".

I told Mitch a sunset by itself was not art. I told him every picture should tell a story.
You need something in front of the beautiful sunset. The shot above might be his answer.


1 comment:

  1. For the picture of the sky looking like its on fire,in the bible God said he would burn the world with fervent heat. Yet each picture tells a story to someone. What ypu see is what i am seeing. This is the wolrd through my eyes. Just like here my youtube channel" iculookin65" has videos of everyday life through my eyes. What anyone sees in something is hiow their mind processes information,no two people see the world the same.