Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mitch Steps Up His Game

Mostly just nice clean shots, but see below for a sequence justifying the title.

I love these "Beach Alone" shots of determined damn the weather full speed ahead cloud bathers.

Nice curl.

The red hat makes it. And the truck.

Now there is a story. I wonder what it is.

A great one for the photographer-photographed exhibition.

I almost missed this sequence because this was a lazy batch from Mitch that kept me busy with the delete key as I slogged through 1067 pictures to find less than two dozen noteworthies. But though this and the next few were uninspiring I saw what was going on: Mitch was working this one shot because he sensed something was there. This shot was the first, and taken from the same distance as another shot a few batches back that really rocked.

OK, Mitch zooms way in to see what that does. Closer is almost always better, but now
there is nothing there. Let's see where Mitch goes next.

Ahh, here we go. Close enough to focus us, but wth enough different and
overlapping visual elements to give the eye something to enjoy. Nice. Can we do better?

Not bad and now the frosting of the glass looks like clouds with the sun shining through a break, but at this zoom level the picture is tonally too flat. I say the prior shot is the winner. What really got me though was finding this composition exercise in the middle of over a thousand shots mostly shot with machine gun care. Very interesting.

And now Mitch makes another lady friend/phtographer.

So far the photographed phtographer does not know of her objectivity. 


...and Mitch has a new friend.

Now there is a beach party I would love to join. Just gotta find some neon swimwear.

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  1. There was a lot of point and shoot,its springbreak. I was shooting the sun on the window so people could see just how diffuclt it is to get one great shot. I perfer flashes of color against a drab backdrop. The girl in the photo posing was on vacation from china,she teaches english to elementary kids. She was taking pictures of everything. Sitting there she was so absorbed she barely noticed me,the she saw me so we traded
    pics. Shes a cool girl. You never really know whats over the horizon,si i just snap and delete until im satisfied. Never know what i might see. Mitch